Come Together

We are a group of diverse people who all agree something has gone terribly wrong since the onset of “Covid Restrictions”. We believe that the strongest and most viable route to defend our freedoms is by simply choosing to NOT COMPLY WITH TYRANNY.

It can feel isolating and overwhelming to push back against the tide of the globalist ‘Great Reset’ onslought. But our strength is in coming together as WE THE PEOPLE to hold the line and push back.

For those of us who have seen the reality of what is happening we know we can never go back to not seeing. So we feel responsible to stand in the gap for the millions who cannot see it and who cannot fight this fight (yet), but who are being manipulated, exploited and dehumanized.

We must not wait for some politician to “save us”. WE THE PEOPLE must ARISE, re-educate ourselves about the Constitution, our inalienable rights, and the law. 

WE must hold our elected officials accountable in their role as public SERVANTS, required by law to defend – not to trample – our rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, informed consent, and personal sovereignty. We must now contend for the freedom of speech, of press, of assembly, to worship, even to breathe unobstructed oxygen into our lungs – and above all to retain perfectly intact our most fundamental right to decide if and when we are injected with a foreign substance.

Join us! Together we CAN – TURN. THE. TIDE.


Stay strong, Live Free, Be Brave!