Act Now: This Week's Action Item

If We the People Act Collectively,
All at the SAME time, in the SAME direction, we have the Power to Change Things …
to Turn the Tide. Join us!

The Power of the People is Stronger than the People in Power.

7 DAYS UNTIL THE ELECTION!! Stellar Stand-Out Freedom Loving Candidates to Support & Campaign For!

Cole Brocato for CA State Assembly 38

The California government has lost its way and its ability to see that we are FREE people. Free to pursue happiness, worship and operate a business. Free to raise our children and free to protect those rights from all who would seek to suppress them. I will fight to reaffirm and protect these freedoms so that tyranny may no longer govern over California.

Watch Cole Brocato Debate opponent Steve Bennet to see why He is by far the Best Choice for CA State Assembly District 38

Lori Mills for CA State Assembly 42

I have a six-point plan to make California golden again. It starts with reestablishing as top priorities crime prevention, supporting law enforcement, reining in government spending, and addressing homelessness, government overreach, and parental rights. It’s time for a change, and I respectfully ask for your vote and support to begin that change.

The Conejo Valley School Board Race is Critical. Make sure to Vote for and Support the Campaigns of these Candidates!

VOTE IN A NEW BOARD with Common Sense Values

Three Stellar Candidates for CVUSD November Election

Joelle Mancuso

Advocating for Parents, Teachers & Students in Conejo Valley. Joelle Mancuso will be a voice for all our families in Conejo Valley.

Karen Meyer

Bringing new insights & common-sense ideas to the position of school board. I’m running to return CVUSD to the level of educational excellence my children experienced.

Sophia DeDomenico

Partnering with parents & guardians for educational excellence. As the daughter of a Hispanic immigrant & first generation American, Sophia knows the value of a good education.

We are being heavily censored. PayPal has discontinued our PERK business account.  We need your help.  We are up against some of the darkest forces and agenda.  They have unlimited resources.  We do not.  I am asking for your help to sustain the work we do for you, for your children, and the people of California.  

When California faced some of the worst, most extreme times, PERK did not back down.  Instead, we took on the challenge and showed tremendous leadership in California and across the country. Because of your unwavering support, our efforts have produced result after result, lawsuit victories, mandates have been delayed, dropped, and pushed back.  

PERK has engaged in multiple lawsuits, daily advocacy, provided educational resources, and effective action. Our mission is to protect children, families, and parental rights, to protect your right to work, travel, and live in society, to preserve medical freedom and bodily autonomy, and protect the citizens of California from unconstitutional mandates and Government overreach.  We are taking on the biggest counties, school districts, and companies in the country.  We need your help. We invite you to stand with us and support the courageous people fighting on behalf of all of you. 

Legal Action

  • PERK (Tsai) vs. Los Angeles County

  • PERK (Sattley) vs. Beverly Hills City

  • Los Angeles School District 

  • PERK/CHD-CA vs. Piedmont School District (We WON! The judge ruled in our favor and the school settled the case, agreeing in writing they would not bring back the mandate on children.)

  • PERK (Toro) vs. San Diego City

  • PERK (Arnold) vs. Granada Hills Charter School

  • Ingo Rademacher vs. Disney: Trial is set for February 27, 2023. We are in the middle of depositions and other discoveries. 

  • United SF Freedom Alliance, Bhanu vs. San Francisco 

Advocating for medical freedom, bodily autonomy, children’s rights, parental rights, civil rights and more, PERK, short for Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids, has seen the negative impact mandates have on children and families across the country.  When jobs are threatened, stress, instability, and food insecurities increase at home. These mandates are devastating the fundamental societal infrastructure necessary for children and families at home, at school, indoors and outdoors. 

Humans are protected under the Nuremberg Code, The Declaration of Helsinki, and the Siracusa Principles, we declare every human being has the HUMAN RIGHT to refuse medical procedures. A declaration of emergency does not supersede human rights or forced coercion of any procedure. It has long been observed that governments may not repress and deny fundamental rights and freedoms of people.  Mandates violate bodily autonomy, the Nuremberg code, Federal and State discrimination laws, privacy rights, and the Constitution. Our future depends on us. We must fight to protect it! 

PERK Accomplishments 

  • 1.3 million+ Social Media Reach 

  • Funded multiple Lawsuits leading to the protection of 6,000,000 school age children

  • Saved 35,000 from being kicked out of in person school in LA

  • Delayed mandates in multiple cities and counties, preserving tens of thousands of jobs

  • 300 advocacy meetings with Influencers

  • 800,000 actions taken through citizens engagement

  • 100,000 Educational Resources provided to people in need

  • 130,000 educational postcards sent to constituents in Assembly Member Districts

  • Educational presentations to over 1,000,000 

  • Reached audience of 20,000,000 through TV, newspaper, interviews & more

  • Successfully educated and brought awareness to over 10 bad bills heard during the 2022 legislative season in California.

PERK is a 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax-deductible.   Please click here to donate today! 

Thank you for your support!    

Amy Bohn

PERK President and Co-Founder                

3401 Grande Vista Dr., #723, Newbury Park, CA 91319 | | 501(c)3 Tax ID: 84-4899485