BRAVE MEETING At Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut

tue25jan7:00 pmtue9:00 pmBRAVE MEETING At Mrs. Olson's Coffee HutSpeakers Amy Bohn, John Barrick & more7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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BRAVE Coalition is honored to present 4 fantastic speakers this Tuesday evening. BRAVE always brings you the truth about what is happening in your community. This meeting is for members and guests. Guests must sign in and we ask that all guests give a small donation of their choice at the door or become a member. Be informed, Be involved and Be BRAVE.


Brad Cummings                                                                         
Author, Producer, Publisher
 A former pastor for 20 years, Brad is the CEO of Shiloh Road Publishers, the publisher and General Editor of The Founders’ Bible—that brings forth the incredible, true, spiritual history of the founding of America, the vision of our Founding Fathers and the origin of the dream of freedom. He co-authored and published the #1 NY Times bestseller, The Shack, which has sold over 22 million copies, was translated into 40+ different languages, selling the 1st million units out of his garage on $200 of marketing. He also produced The Shack” movie (released by Lionsgate 2017) which grossed over $100M worldwide. Brad is an author, screenwriter, film producer, publisher, editor & conference speaker; He runs Windblown Media and has co-authored a number of books:      “A Man Like No Other—the illustrated life of Jesus”“The Butterfly Circus.” He is working on a trilogy of novels entitled “The King and the Dragon,” and is spearheading a number of publishing projects for The Crucible Work Group addressing the current medical crisis with a number of America’s top frontline doctors: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Jim Meehan,   Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Scott Jensen   He has a number of movies in various stages of development, “Proof of Heaven” with Lionsgate, “Mr. Douglass” – a movie on the life of Frederick Douglass, “Protocol 7” a high stakes corporate thriller exposing the fraud and corruption within the BioTech world with Andy Wakefield, as well as a movie on the life of Aimie Semple McPherson, “Wonderful.” He did his undergraduate work in Film/TV Broadcasting at Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA) and received his Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA). He and his lovely wife, Kelly, have 3 grown children, and are brand new grandparents. They live in Dos Vientos and are an active part of Godspeak Calvary Chapel up in Newbury Park.

Amy Bohn
PERKProtection of the Educational Rights of Kids
AMY BOHN is the President and Executive Director of PERK (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids). PERK is a non profit that represents thousands of parents and children across the state. Amy has a degree is Psychology and has lived in California since 2019. She currently lives in Ventura County with her husband Mike and her 3 children.PERK strives to empower and educate parents, professionals and educators to speak with policymakers regarding education based legislation.We are currently focused on 3 initiatives.1) Stopping the Vaccine Passport/Health Pass2) Removing the COVID Mandates/Requirements for School 3) GET THE MASKS OFF OUR CHILDREN

Doug De Groote
Doug is the founder and Managing Director of De Groote Financial Group, one of the nation’s top wealth advisory firms. Before establishing De Groote Financial Group, Doug founded the United Wealth Management a division of United Capital. Prior to that, Doug was a partner at Crowell, Weedon and Co. Doug’s passion, and what he believes, is that everyone deserves the opportunity; they deserve to have the freedom and responsibility to be pro-active in achieving independence and financial success. With years of experience and commitment to serving, Doug developed the Stewardship Planning Process designed to help clients gain valuable insight to make great decisions about their money and philanthropy. Doug believes it is all about helping increase his client’s awareness and success, to identify and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves and help protect them from some of the pitfalls or obstacles that are thrown in their paths. Doug is passionate about helping his clients identify their goals, plan for various outcomes and manage their assets to help them make their vision a reality.
Doug is also the creator and founder of Lunch With 4 Interesting People. It is all about “turning strangers in to friends.” It is a process designed to help hosts facilitate a lunch meeting with discerning business owners, entrepreneurs, and fascinating folks to share their success, fears, concerns and hopes. The conversations take many unique directions and are often helpful in creating clarity and confidence for your current path. The hope is to see folks expand their horizons, meet new people, and get a better understanding of the current business, political and social environment and grow their horizons through meeting unique and interesting people around the world.
Doug is a Certified Financial Planner™ CFP® with an MBA in Financial Planning and is a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). Doug is also an active member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Before establishing De Groote Financial Group, he founded United Wealth Management which became a division of United Capital. Prior to that, Doug was a partner at Crowell, Weedon & Co. and Hunted professionally for Garry Kelly Safaris in South Africa. 
Doug is married to Samantha and together raise their three incredible children, Michele, Maggie and Greg in Westlake Village, California. Doug and Samantha are focused on their family and making sure they get the foundation that is necessary for their children to have the awareness of the opportunities that abound in our great country.

John Barrick 
Senior Deputy District Attorney John Barrick. He is running for Ventura County District Attorney in 2022. John did not start his career as a prosecutor with visions of someday running for office. He had no desire to be a politician. John loved fighting for the people who couldn’t fight for themselves. John grew up in Oxnard, and once he decided to dedicate his life to public service, the only people he wanted to serve were the people of Ventura County. That was why very early in his career, John developed a rule for himself that would govern his career; the victims come first. That meant John was willing to sacrifice his pride, his ego, and even his professional career if necessary to get the justice victims deserved. John believed the people of Ventura County deserved nothing less. But over the past decade, John began to see a tidal wave of criminal justice reform legislation that destroyed the rights of crime victims. These new laws now portrayed the criminal as the victim, while the victim and the pain they suffered was minimized or ignored altogether.The new criminal, according to state legislators, was law enforcement. No one did anything to stop what was happening. Instead of fighting to preserve crime victims’ rights and standing up for the great work police officers did keeping us all safe, politicians were making decisions that only benefitted themselves at the expense public safety. Everything that was happening violated John’s Number One Rule; the victims come first. So, nearly one year to the day, John decided to run for Ventura County District Attorney. Someone had to fight for crime victims. Someone had to stand up for law enforcement. Someone had to remind the politicians that the residents of Ventura County deserved leaders who served the public and not themselves. That person is John Barrick, and that is why he will be the Ventura County District Attorney.


(Tuesday) 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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