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FREE 8 week Biblical Citizenship Class - Mondays on Zoom

mon24jan5:00 pmmon7:00 pmFREE 8 week Biblical Citizenship Class - Mondays on ZoomLed by Debbie Cohen Mondays5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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FREE 8 week Biblical Citizenship Class led by Debbie Cohen of Ventura County Patriot Meetups
ZOOM | Mondays from 5pm – 7pm PST


Your host for this event is Debbie Cohen. Please contact your host at or (805) 422-4887 with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

January 10, 2022
January 17, 2022
January 24, 2022
January 31, 2022
February 7, 2022 (skipping class on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14)
February 21, 2022
February 28, 2022
March 7, 2022Class Time:
5:00pm – 7:00pm Pacific Time / 7pm-9pm CST*Recordings Available.* Register for the class and you will receive an email following each class with details on how to view the recording.

Join Debbie’s watch party of the National Biblical Citizenship in Modern America class with over 30,000 students nationwide! We will have our own chat room and group discussions and you’ll learn a ton from hosts Rick Green & Mark Meckler, all from the comfort of your home. You can join us from anywhere in the country — since this is held online, everyone can join in!

Now more than ever, our nation is in need of Biblical citizens who grasp the dynamic unity of citizens of the Kingdom of G-d and citizens of this great nation!

Join me and 30,000+ others online for the National Biblical Citizenship class! Hosted by Rick Green & Mark Meckler with guest speakers, as we will learn about our Constitution and what it means to be a Biblical Citizen in Modern America.
This course offers the quick-start guide to the the longest standing Constitution in history, complete with an overview of all the Articles, and Amendments. What sets this apart from other U.S. Constitution courses is the interactive, fast-paced presentations; the fabulous locations of Independence Hall and the Wallbuilders’ Library; and finally our Biblical heritage intricately woven throughout the entire course!

You will learn how the founders relied on their Christian moorings and Biblical worldview to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. You will also be treated to encouraging historical facts and inspirational true stories that are not taught in our educational institutions today. All in all you will be edified and equipped to operationalize your faith and practice Biblical Citizenship in Modern America!
At the end of each class video, Rick Green and Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, (along with other special guests some weeks) will be on live to discuss the class content, current events, and participate in live Q&A! Don’t miss it!


Ventura County Patriot Meetups

Ventura County Patriot Meetups is a local group of like-minded citizens that meet in person on a regular basis. Our group is focused on social, networking and civil engagement rather than solely political action (there are many political groups already and more are being established daily to do that important work). Our group looks to find ways to come together as Patriots to re-orient and re-create the SOCIETY WE WANT TO LIVE IN. How do we do this? By planning social events, patronizing establishments and engaging with infrastructure that aligns with our values, informing & encouraging local businesses & institutions to respect our G-d given human rights and using our meetups to network with others in various areas of society (business, education, healthcare, etc.) -- Basically we are establishing a connected Patriot community within the larger VC community. We also align ourselves with other local like-minded groups to better connect with resources, share important information and strengthen our numbers. It’s time to come out of our bunkers and connect with each other in real life. There are A LOT MORE OF US HERE THAN YOU THINK. Be not afraid and come join us! Join our channel/chat on Telegram: Get on our email list, send an email to

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