A list of law firms that you may call if you believe your rights are being infringed upon by your employer, school, college, or any group that discriminates against you for not complying with their vaccine or mask mandates.

Lex Rex Institute | The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance

The Lex Rex Institute is dedicated to preserving our Republic by ensuring that its only ruler is and remains the law. We do this by advocating on behalf of those who have been denied its protections by providing free and low-cost legal representation and educating the public through engaging videos, lectures, classes, and debates about our Constitution’s meaning and history.

Our responsibility to our Republic requires that we hold public officials accountable to their sworn duty.

In America, the law is our only king. Not politicians.

The Gavel Project is a nonprofit charitable organization that is fighting for medical freedom and civil liberties on behalf of victims suffering from COVID-19 and “woke” ideology abuses. Founded in 2021 by Attorney and Civil Rights Activist, Ryan Heath, The Gavel Project is inundated with applications for help from children and families across the Nation.

The organization in entirely crowd-source funded and doesn’t charge its clients for representation, period. The Gavel Project cannot service these cries for help without additional resources.

Tax-deductible donations to fund The Gavel Project can be made using the above online processing method or by mailing a check to The Gavel Project at 4022 E. Greenway Road, #11-139, Phoenix, AZ 85032. Please make the check payable to: “The Gavel Project”. Thank you.

Civil Litigation And Business Attorney Michael D. Curran

Attorney Michael Curran: California’s mask ‘mandate’ is not enforceable by law. Curran added that the mandate “is not an order at all, it is a memo, a ruse, a feint,” that is legally unenforceable, warning the state government is trying manipulate the citizens. He described the action as a “flawed attempt at a mandate” and further explained that an enforceable public safety order must state how it is being issued, upon what law or government code it relies, and the punishment for not following the mandate. This statement has none of those things, Curran emphasized.

Renz Law

We Care about Your Cause. Renz Law is deeply involved in the Medical Freedom issue. We have joined forces with Non Profit Citizens Rights Groups. Ohio Stands Up! and Make Americans Free Again to help legally fight against unconstitutional shutdowns, vaccine and mask mandates, falsified data & death rates, and social media censorship.

Liberty Counsel

LEGAL HELP FOR RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS FROM VACCINATIONS If you are a BUSINESS OWNER who contracts with the federal government and want to fight no-way-out vaccine mandates on behalf of your company, please email us at liberty@lc.org and put “federal contractor company” in the subject line.

Pacific Justice Institute


Amazing Letters & Resources from CHD for Students, Employees, Parents

Advocates for Faith & Freedom is committed to protecting the right of people to freely live out their faith. In response to this commitment, we have developed a COVID Vaccine Request for Exemption Template. Schools, businesses, and governmental agencies alike are demanding people to be vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. Whether a university is threatening to deny your admittance, or an employer is threatening to fire you for not taking the vaccine, this template is intended to assist you in building your case to be exempt from their demands. || Denied Exemption or Unreasonable Accommodation? We respect your fight against forced vaccinations and believe your desire for freedom is a fight worth taking on, which is why we want to guide you in the right direction. If you want to pursue the matter further, you must file a complaint with either the regional office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or your State's equivalent. Below you can download a free document that walks you through this process.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom Advocates for Your Right to Freely Live out Your Faith. Request Legal Help & find a plethora of outstanding legal resources.

AFLDS Be a Part of a Broader Suit

All information shared below is confidential to America's Frontline Doctors. Your information will never be shared or sold. If your information meets the criteria for an upcoming case, we will contact you for additional information. There is no cost to you to participate in our broad litigation. If you decide to proceed with the case, you cannot do so anonymously, as your name will appear (with others) in the court proceedings. Thank you for being willing to take a stand for your health and our freedom!

Facts, Law, Truth, Justice

Facts, Law, Truth, Justice - Founding Attorney Nicole Pearson who works with CHD & AFLDS & is also in private practice defending our liberties. Here you will find: TEMPLATES for Cease & Desist re: K-12 Passed Vax Mandate to LAUSD & SDUSD, Cease & Desist to Employers, Letter from Parents Opposing PROPOSED Vaccine Mandate, Questionnaire/Letter of Due Diligence to K-12, University & Employer; Notice of Discrimination; Complaint: Disability Discrimination

STAND FOR HEALTH FREEDOM - Printable Resources

The National Legal Foundation provides free legal assistance in all legal matters covered by our mission. Please read our mission statement and browse through our past cases to get a feel for the type of work that God has called us to do. If you would like to submit a request for legal assistance, please complete the following form or contact us by phone at (757) 463.6133.

Thomas More Law Center

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) is a national nonprofit public interest law firm that defends and promotes America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values, including the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life; it is also committed to preserving a strong national defense, and an independent and sovereign United States of America. If your case falls within our mission, please fill out the Legal Help Request Form below so that our case review board can determine whether TMLC can assist you. However, submission of this form to TMLC does not mean that TMLC has agreed to represent you, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship with TMLC. Moreover, submission of this form does not authorize you to represent to anyone that TMLC represents you. If this is an urgent legal matter, please consult with a private attorney.

Thomas More Society

If you are seeking information on how to request an accommodation from a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, please visit our Vaccine Mandate Legal Help page. Please be advised that, given the extraordinary number of requests for assistance the Thomas More Society is receiving, Thomas More Society’s attorneys are not providing individual consultations in connection with initial accommodation (exemption) requests, and are unable to assist in drafting or reviewing individual accommodation requests from vaccine mandates. However, here is some information you might find helpful in connection with requesting a accommodation relating to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society is pleased to provide this Religious Freedom Toolkit, featuring various articles and resources recommended by Kim Colby, Director of CLS' Center for Law & Religious Freedom, to equip law students, lawyers, and laypersons to defend religious freedom in their daily work and conversations.

Christian Attorneys of America

Find a Christian Attorney in Your City

Right to Refuse

Faithfully serving churches and Christians with sound legal counsel for over half a century. Sound Legal Advice for Churches & Christians The Christian Law Association offers a wide variety of services free of charge to Churches, Ministries, and Christians. Some of these services include but are not limited to: Free legal counsel to churches and Christians for their ministries Free legal defense of those facing difficulties for the Biblical faith Free legal help for homeschooling families Free consulting to local, state, and federal officials and legislators to provide maximum religious liberty

Advocates for Citizens’ Rights

We are dedicated to keeping the public informed and to standing up to government abuses while ensuring that the government abides by the mandates of the United States Constitution. With these goals firmly in mind, we ask that you both join our group to remain apprised of further developments. | Leigh Dundas, Esq.


CHCA is excited to announce that Senator Melendez introduced our resolution on August 18, 2021. This resolution would urge the Legislature and the Governor to take actions to protect Californians’ right to make their own health and medical decisions. It also urges the Legislature to amend existing law in order to require the voluntary and informed consent of an individual or their guardian, and to authorize the consent’s withdrawal without prejudice, for any preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic medical intervention taken by the State Department of Public Health to ascertain the nature of a contagious, infectious, or communicable disease and to prevent its spread.

Vaccine FAQ | Vaccine Notice | Face Mask Notice & More

Find resources such as Frequently Asked Questions about mandates for masks, COVID-19 tests, and COVID-19 vaccines as well letters to provide an an employer, school, or other entity regarding federal law. If the document you are looking for is not yet posted below, please check back as we will be posting more asap.

Freedom Keepers United

We are an international network of everyday citizens from all walks of life, beliefs, and political associations who believe in protecting our personal freedoms and human rights. WE BELIEVE that each person has the right to medical freedom. Medical Freedom is the right to informed consent and self-determination regarding the choices an individual makes for themselves and their family. No person should be forced, coerced, or deceived into any medical choices that violate their will, conscience, or religious beliefs. These medical choices include but are not limited to vaccination, medication, birth rights, maternal care, end of life care choices, treatment choices, and more. Because an individual may choose differently than what is recommended or prescribed does not permit the discrimination or limitation of one’s civil liberties or rights.

FLDS is looking for Kaiser employees or workers whose job wants to force them to take the Covid-19 vaccine

If there is RISK there MUST be CHOICE! Fill out the form below to join our mailing list or to contact us, or you can call Christina Hildebrand directly at (408) 835 9353.

Attorney Behind Defeat of Local Vaccine Mandate in Florida Gathering National Lawyer Group

Childers is harnessing the momentum to form a coalition of attorneys from across the country interested in taking on similar fights over mask and vaccine mandates and whatever else comes next in the fight to preserve freedom, he told The Epoch Times.

A reply from Childers Law to an inquiry that has some great advice: “Thank you for your email requesting assistance with your employer’s vaccine mandate. We have a received a high volume of calls from people just like you being coerced or forced to take a vaccine to keep their job. We are trying to get back to each of you as quickly as possible. If you have already had a chance to speak to us at Childers Law, please disregard this message.

If you are still needing assistance, here are some initial steps or alternative options you can take:
Apply for a medical or religious exemption. Attached are resources to help you in filing for a religious exemption.
Follow the process for the exemption set forth by your company. At no time should you sign anything that states you agree to voluntarily resign if your exemption is denied and you refuse to take the vaccine.
If you have enough co-workers to join together in a lawsuit and would like to have a consultation with Jeff Childers, he is offering those at a reduced rate of $350 for the hour. A lawsuit against your employer is very costly for a single employee and is not recommended. You have to start with a minimum $10,000 retainer to get started. It is cost-prohibitive for one individual to take this on alone so organize a group.
If you have more questions about your exemption process and would like to retain Jeff for legal advice, you have two options: 1) Schedule a one-hour private consultation for $350, or 2) Attend one of the weekly group Zoom meetings Jeff holds to answer FAQs about exemptions and provide feedback. This is a reduced cost of $100 for the Zoom call.

Please let us know if you would like to schedule one of the above options to retain Jeff for legal advice.

If you are looking for us to refer an attorney located in your area, we will do our best to review all inquires and forward them accordingly. Until then, please review the information provided in this email.

We will do our best to fit you in as soon as possible; please keep in mind that we are getting many calls each day and doing our best to help everyone.

Thank you,
Michelle Childers”


NCLA is Challenging Covid-19 Regulations and Orders Imposed by Executive Decree The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a threat not only to the health and safety of Americans, but also to our way of life. Under the aegis of public safety, federal, state and local governments have violated constitutional law by implementing regulations and emergency orders by executive decree. As elected leaders and bureaucrats have taken turns trampling civil rights under foot, NCLA has been working overtime to restore the constitutional guardrails on the Administrative State’s pandemic response.

What to Do if they Knock on Your Door

GUIDELINES FOR RESIDENTIAL VACCINATION STRIKE FORCE from Pacific Justice Institute. To secure the constitutional rights of the citizens from government overreach, the Pacific Justice Institute’s Legal Department has prepared this guideline to provide members of the general public with practical steps to protect privacy interests. PJI does not advocate for particular medical positions but does take a strong stance on the preservation of fundamental liberties.

Request Free Legal Aid and Representation


Legal Resources for Parental Rights

12 Steps to Protect Your Children from Child Protective Services ||| What Every Parent Needs to Know about LGBTQ History ||| Sexxx Ed: Let Parents Decide Documentary ||| Notice of Reasonable Expectation Privacy ||| Reclaim Your School