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PERK | Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids

Protecting Children’s Rights to an Education. PERK is a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering parents, educators and professionals to take an active role in education centered legislation. We strive to educate, empower and engage citizens to get involved in matters that impact educational outcomes in California. We focus on precise and powerful involvement as the pathway to advocacy.

Move the Needle

Our goal is to educate people with the truth about what's happening in politics and how decisions, or lack of decisions, impacts their everyday life. We used to be able to trust the media, our representatives, and tech companies but now we must validate all information to reveal the true facts. Many decisions today, made by others, are having an extremely negative impact for the citizens of this great country.

Freedom for California

We are BRAVE... Businesses Representing American Values & Enterprises! We Live in Unprecedented Times! BRAVE businesses, their customers and supporters know that America's future prosperity depends on us, the BRAVE business owners who open our doors, serve our customers, and support our communities! Keep small businesses in business!

Free Ventura Action

Keeping Ventura County FREE through common sense leadership. Free Ventura is a new organization that has been created by businessman Bryce Eddy and Rick Brown, co-pastor of Godspeak Church. We have identified over 30 organizations that are fighting for freedom in Ventura County. It is our desire to join this network of freedom fighters to create synergy in our efforts to identify, recruit, train, and support candidates. Free Ventura will provide an informative voters guide for our neighbors of Ventura County, that will provide information on candidates with common sense leadership skills for every office of local government, from school boards to county supervisors.



EVERY PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO BE BORN. The White Rose is a non-profit organization whose mission is to be a voice for unborn children. Our purpose is to educate and expose culture to the evil of abortion until every person has the right to be born. WE EDUCATE THE PUBLIC THROUGH OUTREACH AND MEDIA, WE educate the public about the humanity of the unborn baby, the inhumanity of abortion, and the help available to abortion-minded women. WE INSPIRE A MOVEMENT WE WORK WITH CHRISTIANS TO educate, equip, and inspire the American church to accomplish her spiritual duty of ending the greatest injustice of our time.

Conejo Alert - The Parents Are Back!

Conejo Alert is comprised of parents, educators and concerned citizens who believe that our students' education have been compromised by a radical ideology. We believe in common sense solutions for all students to be able to grow and learn in a safe environment. We are disappointed in the lack of engagement by members of the current school board who ignore our reasonable requests and concerns. Conejo strives for the inclusion of all parents in their child’s education.

Our group looks to find ways to come together as Patriots to re-orient and re-create the SOCIETY WE WANT TO LIVE IN.

With the rise of medical tyranny across the globe and specifically here in the U.S.A., CUFF (Citizens United For Freedom) began as a small group of UCLA healthcare workers who saw the coming danger when the flu vaccine was mandated at our workplace during the 2020-2021 season. We are a Christian, faith-based organization committed to honoring God by bringing freedom to mankind. We see this as a core mission since freedom was Jesus’ ultimate objective (John 8:36, Galatians 5:1). However, there is no religious test or statement of faith necessary to be part of CUFF; we have atheists, Hindus, deists, etc, as part of our group. We welcome all people: vaccinated, unvaccinated, Democrat, Republican, men, women, etc. The only requirement for membership is that you show courage in these dark times.

Our group looks to find ways to come together as Patriots to re-orient and re-create the SOCIETY WE WANT TO LIVE IN.

Our group is focused on social, networking and civil engagement rather than solely political action (there are many political groups already and more are being established daily to do that important work). Our group looks to find ways to come together as Patriots to re-orient and re-create the SOCIETY WE WANT TO LIVE IN. How do we do this? By planning social events, patronizing establishments and engaging with infrastructure that aligns with our values, informing & encouraging local businesses & institutions to respect our G-d given human rights and using our meetups to network with others in various areas of society (business, education, healthcare, etc.)


Informed Conejo Valley

We are a group of parents, non-parents, physicians, teachers, legislators, and citizens aligning together to inform parents, the community, and tax-payers on critical issues that impact Conejo Valley youth and their families.

Freedom for California

We are a group of parents, non-parents, physicians, teachers, legislators, and citizens aligning together to inform parents, the community, and tax-payers on critical issues that impact Conejo Valley youth and their families.

Defend Serra

We demand our Father Serra monument be brought back to its rightful place, in front of the City Hall, overlooking the city he founded!

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

a real-time data-driven resource for scientists, medical professionals, policy makers, journalists, the public to analyze COVID-19 vaccines and early treatment. The primary purpose of VRSF is to advance free, scientific inquiry as the best way to guide us out of the pandemic. ‍ Through our rigorous fact-checking team, VSRF presents the most up to date & relevant information on COVID-19 policies free from misinformation or corporate influence.

SoCal & beyond

Children's Health Defense

Why The Defender? Our children are sick. 54% of American children are chronically ill. 1 in 2 teens have a mental health disorder. 1 in 5 children are obese. 1 in 5 teens have a severe mental disorder. 1 in 6 children have a developmental disability. 1 in 11 children have ADHD. 1 in 12 children have asthma. 1 in 13 children have a food allergy. 1 in 36 children have autism. 1 in 285 children are diagnosed with cancer by 20.

Let Them Breathe

Pro-Science, Pro-Safety, Pro-Smiles | Let Them Breathe is a quickly growing group of over 2000 parents who are concerned about the detrimental effects of masks on their children’s mental, physical, emotional, and social health. Sharon McKeeman founded Let Them Breathe to promote mask choice and end mask mandates for youth (and everyone!)

Let Them Choose

Let Them Choose is an initiative born from the Let Them Breathe community. This is a separate fundraiser to fund legal action against forced student C19 V mandates and empower families to make their own medical choices. Let Them Breathe stands for choice, is advocating for families to be free to make their own medical decisions, and has already filed a lawsuit against California State officials and agencies to end mask mandates.


Restoring Freedom through Choice. We are a group of Stakeholders of the LAFD, (Los Angeles City Fire Department), who are extremely concerned and passionately dedicated to preserving our God Given Rights of Free Choice endowed to us by our Creator.

Freedom Fighter Nation

In early 2022, recognizing that no group of lawyers or doctors — no matter how smart or creative or committed they might be — was singlehandedly going to be able to defeat this planetary-wide threat to humanity, she decided to lock arms with the thousands of concerned citizens she had been privileged to meet worldwide through her rallies and speaking tours, and opened a new branch of her non-profit, aptly named “Freedom Fighter Nation.”

The Muze

Creating video content on human rights, medical freedom, environmental issues & arts

Freedom Keepers

We are an international network of everyday citizens from all walks of life, beliefs, and political associations who believe in protecting our personal freedoms and human rights.

California Freedom Keepers

We are an international network of everyday citizens from all walks of life, beliefs, and political associations who believe in protecting our personal freedoms and human rights. CA Chapter

Truth for Health Foundation

We envision a world where people choose their path to live fully as human beings according to the physical and spiritual laws of life as God designed us. Mission: To provide truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting edge updates on prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life and longevity. To present faith-based integrated approaches to medical treatment, health and healing services that encompass all dimensions making us human: physical, psychological/emotional, spiritual, social and environmental.

Bonds For the Win

A Few Brave People Is All it Takes To Stand Up And Fight For Our Freedom.Our forefathers knew that this day would come when governments would overstep their authority and try to control the people. That is why they protected us back in 1792. Surety Bonds are one of the oldest guarantees there are. The bond is a contract that guarantees us that a person will perform their duties according to the laws and the constitution of the United States. Once an elected official, company, or union step outside the law and starts imposing mandates on WE THE PEOPLE. We have the authority to stop them. The bond gives us the power to put government officials, companies, and unions on notice. The more people who stand up and fight together the greater our chances are of removing these people from office, heads of companies or unions.

Save My Nation

RAISING UP A NEW GENERATION OF LEADERS in goverment across America. OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE. Elect Christian Candidates. America is in desperate need of good, righteous leaders in government. We're here to find them and elect them to office. Mobilize the Church. The American Church has completely disengaged in the political process. We need to re-engage the faith community to stand up and speak out, now.

Healthy and Free

A thriving community of healthy Americans! Our mission: To build a thriving community of healthy Americans. ||| Our goal: To help empower people to connect with others, share information, find solutions, and take positive action.

Just The Inserts

Informed Consent: Patients have the right to receive information and ask questions about recommended treatments so that they can make well-considered decisions about care .... Everything on this website is sourced from the CDC, FDA, and Manufacturer Inserts. All links are provided for further research.

Make Americans Free Again

YOU can make a difference Our liberties and freedoms are being limited and infringed. Alone you may feel helpless, together we will tackle one issue at a time. We are forming a HUGE group of Americans with a very simple, and easily understandable campaign platform:

California Preschool Freedom

Do you know of a California preschool being threatened with fines, citations, suspension of their license or closure for not forcing students 2-5 years old to wear a mask? Let us know! We would love to connect with the school's staff to provide support, resources and information that can help.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: scientific evidence that covid is crime against humanity

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. His worldwide network of lawyers has listened to a hundred experts from every field of science. They have collected undeniable evidence that the Covid pandemic is in fact a planned criminal operation. According to Dr. Fuellmich, a second Nuremberg trial may be needed, to prosecute all who are complicit in this unprecedented crime against humanity.

Freedom Travel Alliance

The evolution of how we travel starts here We are building a new ecosystem that respects the right to movement and travel without discrimination for all of our community members.

The American Council

Mobilizing Christians to stand up, speak out, and vote. We're empowering the American Church to stand up and speak out on important social and civic issues.

The No Vax Mandate Job Board

This job board is for sharing job openings that do not require employees to inject themselves with an experimental substance or violate their bodily autonomy and religious beliefs in order to retain employment. This is also a board for job seekers to share their resume, skills, and story.

Physicians for Informed Consent

We empower the public with scientific information about infectious diseases and vaccines.

Dr. Fleming

Peer Reviewed & Published SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Research



Health Freedom Defense Fund

Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) seeks to rectify health injustice through education, advocacy and legal challenges to unjust mandates, laws and policies that undermine our health freedoms and human rights. We are working around the clock to implement a strategy to remove the unethical and unlawful mask, testing, and vaccine mandates being rolled out nationwide by government, businesses and educational institutions.

COVID Vaccine Exemption Request Template

Advocates for Faith & Freedom is committed to protecting the right of people to freely live out their faith. In response to this commitment, we have developed a COVID Vaccine Request for Exemption Template. Whether a university is threatening to deny your admittance or an employer is threatening to fire you for not taking the vaccine, this template is intended to assist you in building your case to be exempt from their demands.

Election Integrity Project CA

Empowering citizens with our most fundamental right ~ the right to choose our representatives by fair and honest elections.


CA School Choice

It's Time to Bring School Choice to California! Learn More,! Get Involved!

Informed Consent Action Network

Amazing resource for FOIA Government Documents, Vaccine Debate, & Ongoing Legal Efforts, as well as Reporting Vaccine Injury.

Advocates for Citizens' Rights

We are dedicated to keeping the public informed and to standing up to government abuses while ensuring that the government abides by the mandates of the United States Constitution. With these goals firmly in mind, we ask that you both join our group to remain apprised of further developments. | Leigh Dundas, Esq.

International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists

WE, THE PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies, are compelled to declare the following: NOW THEREFORE, IT IS: RESOLVED, THAT HEALTHY CHILDREN SHALL NOT BE SUBJECT TO FORCED VACCINATION (view supporting evidence)

Values Advocacy Council

Can Santa Clara County force you to take the vaccine? Can your employer force you to take the vaccine? What if it’s an airline or a hospital? What about the public school? What happens when it gets FDA approval?


Putting our Kids First

Taking back our kids’ health and education together Stand for Health Freedom is on a mission to help parents, grandparents and caretakers take back children’s education — and their health and wellbeing. Sign up to receive instant access to our presentation to share with your local school board and department of education officials. The “we’re just following orders” mentality is hurting our children. YOU can be the change! Join parents and others in your community and urge your officials to lift COVID-19 school guidelines.


ReOpen San Diego

We are committed to defending the natural rights of every resident of San Diego County, so that we all may pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

Freedom for California

Join our coalition of local freedom groups defending our Golden State

The Healthy American

BREATHING LIFE BACK INTO LIBERTY. At THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, we educate, inform and inspire positive action as we fight for truth and freedom! We fight tyranny by promoting and defending truth and freedom for all.

Vaxxter is a site that promotes alternative health news. Vaxxter offers well-structured and highly referenced articles of interest on vaccines and pharmaceutical products.

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What Is PragerU? Prager University is the world's leading conservative nonprofit that is focused on changing minds through the creative use of digital media. Taking full advantage of today's technology and social media, we educate millions of Americans and young people about the values that make America great. Donations to PragerU are tax-deductible.

 Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health, Dr. Tenpenny has been a guest on hundreds of radio and national television programs. Dr. Tenpenny is the author of several books, including best seller, ‘Saying No To Vaccines’.  She is contributing author for several other books including ‘Textbook of Food and Nutrients in Disease Management’.