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Let your ELECTED SERVANTS & REPRESENTATIVES (they represent US) know your opinion on pending legislation. It DOES make a difference. We the People have a stewardship and responsibility to make our voices heard. We are called to secure a flourishing and thriving world for our children to step into. Step UP!

Time Sensitive Action Steps

Many of you have heard about the pandemic treaty being planned by members of the World Health Organization. The first draft of the treaty has been written and will be discussed this week by the WHO committee tasked with creating the document and presenting it for member vote at the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Not surprisingly, this agreement would threaten American sovereignty by dictating health policy decisions in the U.S., requiring tax dollars to flow to the WHO and other nations in the name of “preparedness” for another pandemic, and more.

What can Americans do about it? 

The WHO Withdrawal Act, HR79, has been introduced in the U.S. House, and is ready to move. Click below to send letters to Congress telling them this bill urgently needs to pass, to let the White House know Americans are watching and that we will not stand by while plans are made to give up U.S. sovereignty over public health decisions.

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to our latest article with updates on the pandemic treaty progress, proposed amendments to the IHR, and a brief history of Joe Biden’s support for the United Nations and the WHO.

The more support the WHO Withdrawal Act gets, the more awareness and education members of Congress have about what is happening on a global scale that will upend our Constitution –  and how quickly it is moving. We need to help them understand the time is now to stop the White House from inviting an unelected global body to determine health decisions for individual Americans and their communities.

The president cannot agree to international agreements that significantly change the relationship of America to other countries around the world without approval of Congress. But it’s happened before. This administration has abused its power time and time again through actions like working with Big Tech to censor Americans against their constitutional rights, and by unconstitutionally attempting to use OSHA to indirectly mandate COVID shots. This White House uses overreach and overwhelm as  tactics to move its global plans forward, stopping or pulling back only when Americans say “No.”

The World Health Organization is an unelected global group and has received billions in taxpayer dollars. It has mishandled crisis after crisis, with no accountability. Despite this, the Biden administration wants it to have more money and more power. 

Congress can and must check the abuse of power by the president. Go to SHF’s website to urge them to act now to stop a global health power grab.

In Solidarity,

Stand for Health Freedom

Ask State Legislators to Ban COVID Vaccine Mandates for Students

Now is the time to advocate for your right to choose or forgo COVID vaccinations for school attendance and protect your rights for informed consent. Ask your legislators to ban COVID vaccine mandates for daycare and students as 21 states have already done.

On Feb. 9, 2023, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially added the COVID-19 vaccinations to its recommended child and adolescent immunization schedules. It is alarming that children may now be subject to these “recommendations” which could easily turn into school mandates, despite serious safety concerns including myocarditis, heart attacks, blood clots, seizures and even sudden death in children. The decision to mandate this shot for schools in your state, can have grave implications on children’s health.

Ask State Legislators to Ban COVID Vaccine Mandates for Students!

There is no COVID emergency for children. Children under 18 with no comorbidities have virtually no risk of death. They have a 99.9997% recovery rate and the vast majority of children have minimal symptoms.

The majority of parents have chosen to forgo this vaccination for their children. As summarized by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC reports only 12% of children ages 6 months to 4 years have received one dose of the vaccine. Only 58% of children ages 12 to 17 and 32% of children ages 5 to 11 have received two doses of the vaccine. Numbers vary widely across states.

Now is the time to advocate for your right to choose or forgo COVID vaccinations for school attendance and protect your rights for informed consent. Ask your legislators to ban COVID vaccine mandates for daycare and students as 21 states have already done.

Action Alert: Time to Put Our Historic Win on 5G and Wireless Harm Into Action!

Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD’s) historic win against the FCC presents the first real opportunity to create change surrounding 5G technology and harmful wireless radiation. We must capitalize on this win and maximize its impact in order to protect our communities and our children from the massive rollout of 5G currently underway. Our elected officials must be informed of this decision.

Considering the ubiquity of wireless technology, this landmark court decision should have been the top story on every media outlet. However, since “mainstream” media is largely owned by Telecom, it has not. Thus, educating the public and our elected officials about this ruling and its effects depends on us.

Act Now. Please send our letter to your elected officials. Our advocacy portal makes it easy.  Simply enter your information and the letter will automatically be sent to your representatives to encourage them to take action to protect the public from 5G and wireless harms and from those in the FCC & FDA who have been misleading the public and knowingly harming us and our children for decades.

You can help put our landmark ruling to work! Finally, this regulatory agency can be held accountable and real, practical protections put in place, but only if every one of us acts now.

Freedom to travel is a fundamental right and crucial for other protected rights like association and expression. I strongly urge you to oppose H.R. 4980. This bill especially impacts all airline workers, and those who depend on the industry. It will further entrench socioeconomic disparities by disproportionally affecting marginalized communities who are the least vaccinated Americans. Airlines have followed many CDC-recommended guidelines to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. There are temperature screenings, intense cleanings, masked passengers, and cabin air that refreshes constantly. CNN has reported experts say the “odds of catching Covid-19 while on a flight are actually relatively slim.” This bill is unnecessary and un-American. Please stand on the side of Constitutional rights, jobs and economic growth for Americans.

Number of signers as of August 31, 2021: 102,518