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In this video, Stand for Health Freedom Executive Director and Co-founder Leah Wilson interviews Dr. Jensen about his stance on the physician-patient relationship, medical mandates, its impact on the citizens of Minnesota, the Constitutionality of mandates, and his new book entitled “What the Heck is Going On? We are Being Played.”

Visit the following websites to find doctors who are successfully and affordably treating COVID-19 patients – from

  • Synergy Health DPC – Direct Primary Care that is Affordable, Fast, and Reliable
  • Stotland Medical – American Board Certified Physician Fighting COVID-19 with Evidenced Based Medicine. Consultation for prophylaxis and active infections and many other acute care and primary care services.
  • The Darling Center Laguna, CA – Dr. Tracy Darling & Brian Isley
  • Miguel Gonzalez, MD, FACP, FCCP Thousand Oaks, CA – Purpose To partner with people committed to restoring and maintaining their optimal state of well being by offering the latest integrative medical technologies.
  • Dr. Corey King, D.C. – Offers Telemed from CO. Schedule Complimentary Consultation – Dr. King has been practicing Functional Medicine for the last 13 years, focusing on the root cause of chronic health conditions. See his C%vid protocol on this page
  • Dr. Jim Meehan, M.D. – *Immune Support – Provider Consultation $197 Sick (symptomatic) patients require a consultation. *Immune Support – Preventive Rx $97 Healthy (non-symptomatic) patients can complete the form below. (Prescriptions typically available within 24-48 hours.)
  • Dr. Stella Immanuel, M.D. – Register for telehealth services to get HCQ or Ivermectin. We see sick patients within 48 hours and prevention patients within a week.
  • Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. – Creator of Z-Stack Rationale behind the Zelenko Protocol over the counter approach
  • Directory of Doctors by State Prescribing Effective Outpatient CVOID-19 Therapy
  • Dr. Anna Yoder-Olson, DNP (IVM+HCQ) 720-397-8203 (no texts). Download app at code: OLSOLOV404 (CA) Prophylaxis $50; Positive $75.
  • Aranda MD 818-852-2225 | All telemedicine, I-MASK+ Protocol. Prophylactic Appointment: $350. Urgent Care: $650. Pharmacy ships to you; medications are additional cost. We write letters of exemption for applicable situations.
  • Diane Noland, NPH, RDN, IFMCP | Burbank, CA
  • Samara Palacio Caredenas, MD | Carlsbad, CA
  • Carol Ann Brogan, RN | Huntington Beach, CA
  • Carol Anne Chan, RN, MPH | Chi Wellness | La Mesa, CA
  • Jackie R. See, MD, FACC | La Mesa, CA
  • Michael D. Ramirez, RN | Ventura, CA
  • Dr. Margaret Aranda (IVM + HCQ) (800) 992-9280
  • Dr. Jeffrey Barke (IVM) (949) 706-3300
  • ​Dr. Jose R. Cilliani (IVM) (714) 421-9926
  • Dr. George C. Fareed (HCQ) (760) 351-4400
  • Dr. Sabine Hazan (IVM) (805) 339-0221
  • Dr. Joseph Ladapo (HCQ) (310) 206-6232
  • Dr. Mark McDonald (HCQ) (310) 954-9565  
  • Dr. Donald C. Pompan (HCQ) (831) 770-0444
  • Dr. Brian M.Tyson (IVM + HCQ) (760) 592-4351
  • Dr. Tom Yarema (IVM)
  • Center For Wellness, Montebello, California
  • 323-726-6289, or
  • Pioneers Health Clinic, Brawley, California, 7603514573
  • Center for Wellness & Integrative M, Soquel, California Please DO NOT publish our office phone number. Please publish the above webpage:
  • Michael Fitzgibbons M.D., Santa Ana, California, 714-541-3744 We are contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield. We accept Medimedi patients. We are not contracted with MediCal.