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June 7, 2022  Primary Election Quick Guide, plus more extensive Candidate Choices & Description of Offices

The Importance of Voting: Because most think June 7 is a Primary only for the purpose of determining who will run for office in the November election, turn-out is typically a mere 30% of registered voters.  Now if a county candidate needs only just more than 50% of the vote, that means that 15% of the county’s registered voters are determining who will lead Ventura County.  
Your vote-your voice-is vital to choosing our local leadership!!

Officially Endorsed by TurnTheTide.buzz

I am not a career politician; but I understand the responsibility the position requires, and I would be honored to represent “we the people” to:

  • Protect our Rights

  • Protect our Health

  • Protect our Families

  • Protect our Vote

  • Protect our County

  • Protect our Economy

Like so many of your neighbors and small businesses who are concerned with the direction of our community, you have the power in your vote to adjust course. Make it count! Vote for Tim McCarthy for Board of Supervisors, District #2.

Turn The Tide.Buzz unanimously endorses Tim McCarthy for Ventura County Supervisor of District 2, for the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections held on June 7. We stand with Tim as the best choice for VC BOS due to his longstanding history in our county, his business experience and specifically expertise in security, his conservative & American values that resonate with the vast majority of VC residents, his extensive community volunteering track record, and his active leadership during the past three years of California turmoil.
We the People

Why is the County Clerk Position Important?

This position is vital as it impacts all residents of the Ventura County. While managing vital records and recording important documents, this office’s most critical responsibility is the management, administration and security of our elections. 

Restoring Confidence in our Elections!

The words voter suppression and election integrity are phrases used more and more in the news. Recent polls indicate the majority of voters across the political spectrum believe that the election process requires improvement. I intend to focus on the evaluation of voting processes to identify weaknesses and implement improvements so that the election process will ensure voters are confident in their vote and that the results are unimpeachable.

My qualifications for this role include

a long tenure as EVP of worldwide operations at a major movie studio in addition to a senior-level position at a major telecom company. I’ve supervised numerous departments with over 400 employees and hundreds of contract employees that included both union and non-union personnel.  …. FIND OUT MORE

TurnTheTide.Buzz unanimously endorses Jeff Hargleroad, for the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections to be held on June 7. We selected Jeff due to his extensive and longstanding business leadership experience across a diversified range of senior management positions & proven track record of managing large budgets up to $200,000,000; combined with his 35 year history in Ventura County where he has raised his family and managed the operations, finances and growth of his commercial lemon and avocado orchard. Jeff has the skills required to offer visionary leadership in ensuring free and fair Elections in our county, as well as the integrity and longevity in our community to best represent the people of Ventura County in all matters related to the office of Clerk, Recorder, Registrar of Voters. We believe that Jeff’s balance of private sector savvy, personal experience running a successful agriculture business within our county, and not being an establishment or career politician, perfectly poises him to bring fresh perspective, initiative and insight to this leadership role in a way that will profoundly benefit We the People of Ventura County. Keeping in mind that only 33% of voters vote in the mid-term elections, make your vote count in June! If Jeff receives 50% of the June vote, + 1 single vote, he will win then without the need of the added expense and chaos of this race moving on to the November elections. Vote for Jeff Hargleroad, who wants to give back to the county he loves by bringing his unique skill set to the office of County Clerk.
We the People

Help Us Bring the Change We Need Right Now!

We need real criminal justice to keep Ventura County safe. We need less career politicians making our streets more dangerous for our kids and businesses.

  • John was raised in Oxnard and graduated from Oxnard High School
  • John has tried more cases than any other candidate
  • John has tirelessly worked for ALL crime victims
TurnTheTide.Buzz unanimously endorses John Barrick for Ventura County District Attorney. John grew up in Oxnard and went through the public school system there. His combination of experience in prosecuting violent crimes, remaining committed to justice and dignity for victims, and his unique understanding of our county given his background here, make him a excellent candidate for District Attorney. Many seek elected office as a stepping stone to move up the ladder and constantly have their focus on how to make that next move. John is invested in this county and plans to remain here, representing and protecting We the People with passion and excellence. John decided very early in his prosecutorial career that he would live by one simple rule; Crime Victims Come First. That's what we are looking for in a District Attorney. He has tried 68 cases in his 16 years as a prosecutor, far more than any other candidate. He has received several awards & has also volunteered his time to teach fifth-graders about the criminal justice system, and is a member of the National Latino Police Officers Association. 
We the People

The California Assembly needs a true Conservative. It needs outspoken, unafraid and unapologetic leadership that can return this once golden state back to its former glory. Cole Brocato will be the bold voice and common sense logic that we need to fight the disastrous policies made by “out of touch politicians” that have been permeating our government for far too long. 

Cole is a native Californian. That is why he is so committed to seeing his home state thrive and prosper once again. He believes it is possible to strengthen our economy through lowering taxes and regulations on businesses.  This will allow them to keep their livelihood in California, instead of exiting our state in order to survive.   He will work tirelessly to lower property taxes to make housing affordable again.  

When elected to represent California’s 38th Assembly District, Cole will work hard to eliminate all legislation that impedes one’s individual freedoms and liberties and fight for our children’s rights to learn in an environment that is not threatening to their future development. He sees the ideology of the left that pushes their agenda on young minds as a detriment to our society. Cole is willing to defend parents’ constitutional rights in making the choices they deem appropriate for their own children. 

TurnTheTide.Buzz unanimously endorses Cole Brocato for CA State Assembly District 38. Cole brings a passionate and resonant chord of strong family values and authentic love for the state of California to his run for office. As a native Californian, he knows and loves this region and is stepping up to make the real changes needed to ensure our families and children, businesses and churches, communities and schools, will thrive and prosper moving into the future. We love that Cole is not a career politician, but rather a member of our community who is willing to make the personal sacrifices required to step up as a leader in these times. We have seen him actively present in our neighborhoods standing up for children and their right to learn in an environment that is not threatening to their future development. As a husband and father of young children, a businessman and builder, youth sports coach, and native Californian, he represents the shared interests of We the People of Ventura County. God, family and country are pillars in the Brocato household. His courage is contagious and much needed in these times.
We the People

I have a six-point plan to make California golden again.

It starts with reestablishing as top priorities crime prevention, supporting law enforcement, reigning-in government spending, and addressing homelessness, government overreach, and parental rights.

It’s time for a change, and I respectfully ask for your vote and support to begin that change.

When it comes to the American Dream, California was once the best state in the nation to receive an education, find a great paying job, start a family, establish a business, and buy a home in a safe neighborhood.

Look around today and see how things have deteriorated in this once golden state. Homelessness is at an all-time high. Crime is increasing. Education ranks near the bottom nationally. The cost of living has become too expensive, forcing hardworking families to leave the state. California is headed in the wrong direction and our state elected officials have failed us.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I am running to represent our community at the State Assembly.

TurnTheTide.Buzz unanimously endorses Lori Mills for CA State Assembly District 42. Lori's history as a Southern California native, businesswoman, mother raising a child through the public school system and active member of the Ventura County community would bring the kind of real life understanding and representation we desperately need in Sacramento. For too long our representatives have been career politicians who are out of touch with the heartbeat of our communities. It's time for citizen legislators who have tangible and recent experience of the challenges we face and the needs we have because they have been living in, raising families in, doing business in Ventura County. Elected Leaders who know what needs to be done to represent the best interests of We the People. Lori Mills brings energy and understanding, tenacity, and a passionate and approachable leadership presence to this position. We strongly endorse her to bring critical and positive change to Ventura County as our representative in the CA State Assembly.
We the People

Coming Soon

Halla Maher immigrated to the United States, with her family, when she was eight years old to escape Christian persecution and violence in war-torn Iraq. Her parents understood that they would need to leave everything behind in order to build a better future for their children.

Upon their arrival in the United States, they quickly embraced American values and never took their newly found freedom for granted. Her father opened a small business in the city of Chula Vista, California, a small town just ten miles north of the US/Mexico border in the Greater San Diego area.

Halla received her B.A. with a major in Sociology at San Diego State University and went on to complete her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Southern California (USC).  

As an immigrant, from a third-world socialist country, Halla realized very quickly what was happening to the freedoms of not only her family but the country at large. For this reason, she has chosen to run for local office.  She believes what happens locally, makes an impact nationally. She believes in freedom, limited government, common sense, and unity. 

Anthony Trimino will fight for our families, protect our children and restore our quality of life.

This isn’t about politics—this is about a better future for our kids.


I believe we are in a battle—for our souls, our soil and our liberties. We may be divided, but we don’t have to remain that way. We can unite against those in office who continue to drive a wedge between communities, classes and cultures through the misuse of power, influence and fear.

I’m coming to wage war against those who have unlawfully taken our freedoms, abused their power and caused irreversible harm to California families and businesses.

He’s a problem solver, not a politician

As CEO and founder of one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America and contributing member of the Forbes Agency Council, Anthony has a unique approach to bringing a diverse group of people, ideas and perspectives together to build solutions that address and overcome complex challenges facing businesses, healthcare and our local communities.

Adding Parents into the Education Equation!

Help us campaign today for a better education tomorrow!


California’s Public Education is broken and continues to get worse. One need not have kids in school to know that despite record spending on our schools, decades of bad education policies have brought us among the lowest test scores and literacy rate in the nation. 


Unless dramatic steps are taken now and someone advocates for parents and children at the top, California won’t be able to educate students who can read, work in the 21st Century’s dynamic economy or participate as thoughtful and engaged citizens in our communities.

Hold Schools Accountable

Hold K-12 schools accountable in their responsibility to provide a constitutionally protected, high-quality public education.

Cordie Williams will be challenging controversial appointed incumbent Alex Padilla in the June 2022 Open California Primary Election. Vice President Kamala Harris held the seat prior to the 2020 election.

“I spent years in the Marines fighting to make America free and to protect each of our lives from terrorism here and abroad. I am a Republican running for the US Senate because politicians like Alex Padilla are destroying the California Dream by turning it into an unrecognizable third world nation. In 1998, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. My oath did not end when I left the Marines.” -Dr. Cordie Williams 

Dr. Cordie Williams is a strong advocate for the personal freedoms which are enshrined in our Constitution. In the United States Senate, he will uphold the foundational belief that the citizens of California, and all Americans, are at their best when they decide what is in their own best interest. Faith, family, and freedom are at the very core of who Dr. Cordie is. He is unashamed to put his values, shared among most Californians, on full display.

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, the American dream of entrepreneurialism came to fruition for Dr. Cordie as he and his wife Dr. Tania Williams started, and continue to operate today, a successful chiropractic practice in Southern California. Dr. Cordie has put all that he has worked for on the line to ensure that all Californians remain free from government control over their daily lives.