The Nature of the Battle

Free Ventura Meeting at Godspeak, T.O.

BRAVE Meeting at Mrs. Olson’s, Oxnard

We are witnessing man’s greatest attempt to take the rightful reigns that belong only to God…ATTEMPTING to take those reigns out of His hands through an all-out Godless siege upon every avenue of God’s created order; to tear it down and, as they say “build it back better” / “RESET” everything ….in THEIR own image. It is a global attempt to destroy the economy; to destroy private estate and give all the wealth and ownership to the richest “elites” (I like to call them the perpetrators)…for the richest perpetrators to literally steal everything….

…and it’s all headed towards: digital passports, a one-world bank managed digital currency, carbon taxed, constantly vaxxed, genetically modified, technocratically surveilled, eugenicized, euthanized, no-gender, non-procreating, distracted, divided, transhuman proliferating, electromagnetically manipulated, synthetic food eating, …mindless, soul-less, jobless, Godless slave class  … a globally centralized evil empire the likes of which this world has never seen. 

They’ve laid out their plans for everyone to see in their books “Covid 19 – The Great Reset” and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”…by Klaus Schwab, another is “Homo Deo / Human 2.0” by Yuval Harari …they speak to us now the same way Hitler’s self-authored “Mein Kampf” of the mid 1920’s telescoped to that generation HIS intentions years PRIOR to his blitzkrieg to power. 

And let us not deceive ourselves into thinking they will stop with Covid. They have plans for other ways to take down this county and our state, our country: economic crisis, war, cyber attacks, climate crisis, energy shortage, food shortage, etc…these are top-down engineered attacks on freedom and if it is to be stopped, it will be from an individual, local, heart level upward. Be aware. Be prepared! 

So, we know where they mean to take us. What are we gonna do about it? Are we going to continue to help build an anti-human, anti-christ system…and help them stack the bricks of the very walls of our own prison …and of our children and grandchildren? Or are we, as our creator instructs us, going to get involved and participate …each of us, in our own sphere of influence, to take upon ourselves the mantle divinely, uniquely placed upon us…and cry out for a higher wisdom? 

You have heard it said, “If God is for us who can be against us.” …and “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  – Never have these things been more true than now. 

That being said, I don’t believe the system is broken. But I think we all know it is corrupted from the top down, and no longer serving the people. It serves an oligarchy of power that is operating upon their own agendas with a religious fervor. In fact to them it is a religion…And what is the religion of the tech, pharma  and banking cartel oligarchs? What exactly is the genesis of all these agendas over the last 2 1/2 years that they have religiously pushed upon the global population? I believe the two main tenants of their religious cult are transhumanism and population control. Two lies that are plaguing humanity.

So all these seemingly disconnected events happening over the last two years, from lockdowns, to mandates, to the indoctrination of our children in public schools, the selling off of farmlands, the dependency on other countries for energy, the open border, the outrageous trillions on spending budgets, the ghastly method of withdrawal from Afghanistan, the attempted rewriting of our history, the propaganda of national self-loathing, the massive censorship of free speech, the promotion of gender confusion, the push for digital currency, the push for war in Ukraine, the agenda to normalize infanticide and pedophilia…..and the list goes on…

All these events are not random, but designed/ orchestrated to erode our culture and crash our economy ….to strip you of your property, your dignity, your freedom….so America (the final bastion of freedom) will no longer be a superpower, So you will own nothing and be “happy”….So the technocrats behind all this can have their religion of transhumanism and population control. So they can play God with who lives and who dies in their new version of planet earth that has been reset to benefit a small group of sociopathic stakeholders. 

Now for most of you, I know I’m preaching to the choir. And the question has for too long been, “Yeah,  So what do we do?” 

A simple concept….I want you to burn this into your minds: 


While still working within the template of “get out and vote” and “vote in better people that truly represent us”. …It is also time for us to broaden the field of battle, it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take things into an entirely new paradigm where, through mobilizing the masses of the working classes, we take action on such a large scale that the 1% group of perpetrators can no longer control the sway of the 99%.

It starts by turning from a defensive posture and moving in the direction of an offensive strategic plan that first recognizes the fronts of battle we are contending with as a human race, identifying the spiritual nature behind the physically manifesting fronts of this battle, and countering each front with action steps that every person can take, in a decisively timed and unified movement. 

Our vision with the website is to equip freedom loving people with clear, simple and streamlined ways to unite in collective ACTION STEPS, taken TOGETHER, to effect powerful change in our counties and our state. 

An important point to note is that it doesn’t even take a majority of the people to rise up and act in order to effect change. 

In fact, a political scientist at Harvard named Erica Chenoweth performed an extensive review of civil resistance and social movements from 1900 – 2006 and her data concludes that : Nonviolent protests or social movements engaging a threshold of only 3.5% of the population have never failed to bring about change. 

In keeping with that revelation, if we get roughly 29,000 people out of the 840,000 residents of Ventura County to act, we can absolutely make a massive impact.

Please check regularly & widely share our TAKE ACTION Page where you will find various categories. We have an ACTION OF THE WEEK category. These actions are specifically designed for all of us to take the SAME ACTION during the SAME WEEK for maximum impact. We have other categories, such as Take Action on Legislation, Take Action for Kids, Take Action to assist in the Elections and get behind some of our amazing Candidates who are running to restore wisdom and integrity to public office.

The site and those action steps are updated regularly to keep you in touch with timely information and will continue to be enhanced as we hone strategies and approaches to mobilize WE THE PEOPLE TO DEFEND FREEDOM. This is our stewardship. This is our time. We are the PEOPLE. And we were placed right here, right now, for such a time as this.  Please take our cards & flyers with you tonight. Share with 10 friends. And Stay Strong. Be Brave. Live Free!