The United in Action Plan

(the casting of a vision for mobilizing we the people towards the Kingdom that is coming)

I keep hearing from people everywhere and with mounting concern, “What can we do? The picture is bleak and I feel powerless to do anything about it!”

Friends, brothers and sisters, I have a vision of promised hope that does not disappoint. One of guaranteed victory. But first I must paint out the raw diagnosis of where we currently stand.

Like a good physician, an accurate portrayal of how far it’s gone must precede the surgery. Some of you will not like what I have to say at the start, but please keep listening as I promise the ending is divine.

First off, the White House is captured. The intelligence agencies and DOD and DOJ and NIH and NIAID and WHO and BIS and IMF and WEF and UN and NATO and on and on… are weaponized against us. The voting apparatus, and the many judges throughout the land…compromised. And the war machine marches on while our taxpayer dollars are laundered by cartels operated by corrupt actors set in place as pawns. The bought media plays out their messaging to the masses who, in turn, have atrophied their critical thinking into blind acquiescence. Even our “heroes” we’ve postured as idols reveals a nationwide messiah complex. We believe in the pro-transhuman Musk that tells us he believes in free speech, progress and alternatives to central global governance…all the while being subsidized by the CIA and your tax dollars to roll out a vast low lying satellite web that couples itself with the same globalist plan for a ‘smart city’ control grid… to surveil every inch of the entire planet, and ultimately hopes to have access directly to your mind. And our other “hero”, that for whatever the reason may be, signed off on Operation Warp Speed, setting in motion the world’s most far-reaching genocide program ever thrust upon the human race. And he has yet to acknowledge the massive harms or repent of this scourge. Earthly hero’s are not going to save us, I don’t care how much money or following they have, or what they say. It is what they do that we ought to be paying attention to. Don’t be drawn in by them telling you what you want to hear. Watch, over time, and be vigilant to observe what gets carried out.

Currently, the land of the free is now openly involved in terrorist acts domestically and internationally, and pushing for war abroad while our own borders flow freely with fentanyl, arms dealing and human trafficking. We are under attack from within by a globalist cancer that has reached stage 4 melanoma; its tentacles intertwined through every facet of the fabric of our nation.

And ultimately the world is under siege. Satan infusing those willing to trade their souls for money and power and the chance “to be like gods.” These are the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings. Poisoning God’s children from the sky, poisoning us in our food and water; maiming and killing us through the industrialized sorceries of the needle, and under the auspices of “health and safety.”

Polluting the minds of the youth with every new sexual revolution “revelation” that is nothing more than appealing to the prurient interest… until there are no longer any moral standards to be destroyed…except that of cutting upon their own bodies until they are unrecognizable as the person they were created to be. Promising to help people find their identity while actively working to destroy their ability to ever truly find it; this is an anti-human plan for a non-procreating, no-gender, synthetic human 2.0 slave class. The luciferian goal of the globalist is to control our minds and bodies and to get us to willingly give over our souls. These are that of the transhumanist, eugenicist, transnational collectivist corporatist, and cartel bankster class. For they are pawns of their master who is a liar and a murderer since the beginning.

But we are those that follow a different master. One who brings life and life more abundantly.

So how do we defeat this growing tide of evil? Can we vote our way out? Well…it is true we must vote. And we must vote in such a massive way as to break the corrupted algorithm; overwhelm the parasite of artificial intelligence that is manipulating the voting apparatus.

We must participate, and we must bring the human response that the machine is not expecting.

But is that how we defeat this thing? Ultimately no, I’m afraid not, this alone won’t destroy this type of cancer. It may put it into a brief remission, but it will only come back worse than before. That’s the problem with well-funded totalitarian infiltration and tyranny…

But, you say: “We just need to get good people in to represent us!!” Yes, true!!…but they will get steamrolled unless We the People unify and mobilize on a scale never before seen in the history of the world. Christ the Saviour once told us, “Behold I do a new thing…I have overcome this world…my Kingdom is coming…I am coming quickly…the Kingdom is inside you…and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

I believe God is calling his people to a new thing; unique in human history; to participate in a heightened way and to a quickening degree in the building of His Kingdom that is coming. So what does that look like? I’ve heard it said, “We must build a parallel economy, or we must have a national divorce.” I’ve heard it said, “We must invest in gold to hedge against the coming financial collapse.” Well, I’m afraid we’ve seen this scenario play out before, in 1930’s Germany with our Jewish brothers and sisters. They too saw an emerging totalitarianism and built a parallel economy and acquired gold…and what happened when the oppressive regime began to gather momentum?… Kristallnacht came and the regime simply stole everything they had and relocated them. That being said, I still think we must build out alternatives, but with the ultimate long-game strategy of replacing the systems that have been corrupted…I’ll speak more on that again later.

I hear people say, “Good luck in taking my home or injecting my family, because we have guns and we will fight.” Friends, if you don’t realize it yet, technology and warfare has progressed behind our backs secretly, quietly and on purpose. The narrative of an enemy outside our borders has been a distraction for many years. To get our eyes off the primary globalist target. And that target is us, the free sovereigns made in God’s image. And the weapon systems they’ve developed come in the form of electromagnetic fields that can stop your heart or cause stroke, they can trigger on various diseases and cancers inside our bodies. They have directed energy weapons and scalar technology that can turn buildings to dust from the inside out on a molecular level, They have drones and weather modifying weaponry. They’ve kept it hidden in plain site, and in the wrong hands they will use it on their own people. So I say to you it’s time to wake up and realize we are living at the end of the age. And the only weapons we have to fight this are spiritual weapons. We have weapons far superior beyond comparison because our weapons are not for war against flesh and blood.

They are for the bringing down of strongholds of principalities and powers in spiritual places. And not simply so we can “win”; that is how the sociopaths war. We “take up our cross” and we empty ourselves in selfless abandonment to God who has already won the victory over all this sin and suffering that we are witnessing. And in abandoning ourselves to His wisdom, mercy and power…how then is He instructing us in these times and this final hour?  He asks us to “Come and die.” Literally speaking: Are you ready to die? Are you ready to die to yourself? Are you ready to die so that you might truly live? Are you ready to die so that others might live?

Now I will begin speaking to followers of Christ because, at the end of this final battle, it will be the faithful that will rule and reign with our King and we must begin preparing now for our responsibilities in this new Kingdom. We must give full attention to how we conduct ourselves at this time right now and in these coming days.

I’m sure you have all taken notice as you’re driving about or going along in your daily routines, that there are many demon possessed people aimlessly broken, not in their right minds roving the streets. Personally, I used to get angry at them for being a threat to me and my family and friends. Then that changed and I became angry at the big pharma companies that pushed opioids on many of them at a vulnerable time in their lives…and they got hooked and then the pharmakeia opened them up to the demonic realm, and now they are under dark spiritual bondage. It really is a stark picture of the state of our nation. And then my heart broke for all people under the heavy weight of bondage and spiritual oppression because I myself had experienced that place of despair before God rescued me.


It is this radical transformative process that has made me think of a time when Jesus sent out his disciples with great power to accomplish signs and wonders and the bringing down of strongholds and the casting out of demons; the bringing of the good news and the release of the captives from the bondage of sin and corruption. It reminded me of the times we are in now. And the power we have. In one such story, the disciples returned to Jesus and they had been unable to drive a demon out of a young boy who was being oppressed and controlled by the demonic realm, throwing the boy into fires to try and disfigure him and thrusting him under water trying to drown him. This boy was oppressed by a tyrannical power controlled by the spiritual realm of darkness.

Sound familiar? Sounds like our country doesn’t it? Sounds like our world right now doesn’t it? Much like you and me, the disciples were confused. In their confusion they questioned Jesus, saying, “You said we have the power to do the same things you do…so why were we not able to set this boy free?”

Jesus said to them, “These kind of demonic spirits only come out by prayer and fasting.” My friends, it is this type of warfare we are engaged in and it is this type of battle plan we must use to drive out the demonic oppression that is plaguing our people and ravaging our land. So what does this mean: “Prayer and fasting”? I believe God is showing us that it means so much more than what we have traditionally taken it to mean. And I believe it is the central battle plan in how to wage victorious spiritual battle not only in our personal lives, but together as a nation and globally as the family of God. Having laid this backdrop, I will set out a broad scope plan that I believe is a vision of God’s revealing for His people for such a time as this.

First off, prayer…what is prayer? Asking God what we want from Him?…Asking God to make our lives better? Yes, that’s part of it, but the greater part, that we oftentimes miss, is the asking for ears to hear what He is saying to us in this hour; Asking Him to show us what to do, individually and as His people. How often do we stop everything, block out a space free from distractions and really listen?

Second is fasting. What is it really?

I think we tend to think of fasting simply as not eating, and as Americans that’s something we all can do easily. But I implore you it is so much more. In fact it is the thing where our greatest power is just waiting to be tapped. Fasting is saying no to self, not just from food, but from our many comforts and convenient lifestyle nicety’s we’ve settled for relying upon to seek fulfillment. It is identified in how we spend our money, how we make our money, where we spend our time and energies and how we entertain ourselves.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, when confronting human rights abuses being perpetrated by the juggernaut of power in his day:

“What we need to do is to go around to these massive industries in our country, and to say to them: ‘That God sent us around here to say to you that you’re not treating His children right. And we come by here to ask you to make the first item on your agenda fair treatment where God’s children are concerned. Now if you’re not prepared to do that, we do have an agenda that we must follow. And our agenda calls for withdrawing economic support from you.”

My friends this is how we ‘turn the other cheek’ so the perpetrators no longer have the power to de-humanize and enslave us. You see my father who was 40 years in law enforcement told me long ago how cartels operate as pyramid schemes, the same way many large corporate and monetary structures operate. Institutions such as google, and Pfizer, Amazon and Blackrock, the central banking structures and the Federal Reserve…to name a few. They grow strong and powerful off the working class. For it is the working class that is the foundation that props up the rest of the pyramid’s edifice. It is the working class that generates actual tangible goods and services, and it’s the working class that creates the actual tangible money that allows the presses to print into existence their own false appearance of power and influence.

Abraham Lincoln once told us,

“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” Lincoln is spot on here, and what he is telling us is a huge part of the remedy to unraveling the stage four cancer that is plaguing our land; our world. Lincoln was telling us that if the foundation of the pyramid is pulled out, the pyramid will topple.

Could it be the current power structure in place knows this all too well, and are doing their best to keep this knowledge of their Achilles heel from us? Is this why there was such a push to arm IRS agents? Were they worried we might stop paying our taxes? I’m not advocating to stop paying taxes; don’t get me wrong here. I would hope it doesn’t come to that. But what I am envisioning is that we, as a people, begin looking at where and how we are spending our money. For it is our money that is funding the relentless onslaught of the ‘Great Reset’ and ‘Build Back Better’ agendas that are destroying the very fabric of what it means to be human and to live with dignity.

In order for this demonic realm to gain that kind of foothold, they need fear. They literally feast on fear.

And it is God who tells us not to fear, but to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

That means stopping every drifting thought towards fear about what these sociopaths can try to do to us. Instead we are to starve the demonic realm so it has nothing to feed on. To stand firm against evil forces and they will flee from us. Every war of attrition is won by those that have cut off their enemies supply lines, and it is fear and money that is fueling the tanks of the neofeudal system attempting to run roughshod over all that God’s order has set in place for humanity’s good. We can have the best advocates, and clearest view of truth, the best attorney’s and all the best evidence and plans for how the world ought to look and how life should be…and we do, we have the best people and the best ideas and inventions and plans for what is good and right and leads to a system of flourishing. But, if we continue to endlessly fund our enemies corrupt machine, we will end up tagged like cattle and corralled into a public/ private governance system of CBDC totalitarian control that will tear our families apart and see most of us here killed. So we must ask God to show us how to “bind the strongman”; where we can change our spending and our purchasing; it’s that simple. We must listen to our conscience and tear down those personal idols in our own lives that are feeding this beast…the idols of convenience, and cheapness and indulgence and immediate gratification…that is what this kind of prayer and fasting requires.

Imagine if you will for instance all the good, working class Americans; the honest folks that excel in their work and view blessing others as the primary calling in what they do for a living; the reliable, accountable, responsible people – that’s us. We are the true working class. We are the earners. We are the providers. We are also the sustainers of what makes the entire system run. And that system has become corrupted. So, Imagine if everyone rallied together, led by an action plan, dispersed to the people by all of our leaders and figureheads guiding the aware and willing masses of good Americans through the platforms, and shows, websites and forums they already have in place. Our leaders cooperating in unison, guiding us.

Here’s just one example of what I’m talking about…although there are many ways to apply this formula with quick and stunning effect, but for illustration let’s visualize that on one specific day we organized and agreed en masse that no-one would buy anything from Amazon for one week. We would set aside the comfort and convenience and cheep price of home delivery and choose to buy the same products locally, locally made, made in America…even if it cost a little more, or we had to travel a mile out of our way to get it…? Can you imagine the impact it would have on that specific globalist structure that’s bent on our demise?

It would be massive. More powerful than dropping bombs or firing bullets. And this is how you wage war in the kind of war that is already upon us. And that’s just one example. Imagine also if on one day, every single awake American that is still using Gmail switched to ProtonMail. A very simple thing that directs a huge economic blow to the google transhuman slave agenda. What if for one whole week all freedom-loving Americans used only cash. Or if on one day we all stopped purchasing any products made in CCP China. If we just said no to slave labor and organ harvesting.

How often have we heard a long diatribe from one of our social media personalities of how bad things have gotten, and their answer is, “Well we just gotta say No…No more!!” …with no real instructions or specific action plan. So here’s a way to say no and have an actual plan.


How about we move our businesses back to domestic American production. Even if we can’t make as much money, but we did it out of principle…kind of like fasting isn’t it? Kind of like hearing from God, listening to your conscience and denying yourself some things you don’t actually need anyway. You do realize that nations work much like businesses, you’ve got to have more coming in than you’ve got going out, or you go bankrupt. And following WW2, we’ve shifted completely from a producing nation to a consumer nation. Well, how long do you think that can go on?…I’ll tell you, about 50 to 70 years that’s how long. And then the borrower becomes slave to the lender…is that what we’re witnessing? And it was not by happenstance, it was by design. And not by people who pray and fast, but by people who made greed their god.

There are so so many ways we can use this template to push the enemy back on so many fronts.

Here’s another way we can pushback: What if one week, the action plan for we the people was to take a good look at our investment portfolios and speak with our financial advisers, and choose not to go with only those things that promised the highest return; what if it wasn’t just about how we can grow our portfolios? What if we pulled out of that synthetic biotech share or the latest A.I. stock? What if we invested in something we believe in more than money? Could be anything, anything God puts on your heart that would actually make this world a better place, and not just make you richer. Yet you say, “But somebody else will invest in those things and they’ll get rich instead of me and it won’t make any difference.”…to which I say don’t listen to that lie, it’s from the pit of hell. The treasure that truly satisfied does not carry with it a dollar amount. And no, I don’t know what you should invest in, but God does and if you ask Him, He’ll show you. The fact is that if we all ask Him what to do, He will show us all how to be victorious in this spiritual war. That is what prayer is.


So imagine just for a moment William Wallace uniting the tribes against the greatest superpower in the world…and defeating them. Or the colonials dumping English tea into Boston Harbor…that is essentially what we need to do.

We must move in unison each and every voice of freedom that has a platform and audience they speak to, and give the people action steps for economic withdrawal from the corporations, businesses, and platforms that are working to enslave our children and grandchildren.

I’m talking about the Sherri Tenpenny’s, and PERK’s and CHD’s, and Del Bigtree’s Highwire, the awakened pastors and their churches, Jack Hibbs and Rob McCoy and the like, the RFK’s, and Amy Bohn’s, Charlie Kirk and Eric Metaxas, Joe Rogan, Naomi Wolf, the guy’s at Flashpoint, Steve Bannon’s War Room, Candace Owens, Ian Smith, Mel K, Carrie Madej, Michael Seifert and Public SQ., Dinesh D’Souza, Clay Clark’s Re-Awaken America, Greg Reese, Peggy Hall, Dennis Prager, Kirk Cameron, Whitney Webb, Stew Peters, Bishop Vigano, Jay Dyer, Matt Ehret, Tom Renz, Nicole Pearson, Garett Icke, Stella Immanuel, Kim Iverson, Voddie Baucham, Tucker, John MacArthur, Dr. Mikovitz, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Malone, Dr. McCullough, Alex Jones, Russel Brand, Peter Breggin, Matt Walsh, Ed Dowd, Karen Kingston, Andrew Kaufman, John Voight, James Woods, Ben Carson, Jeff Childers, Catherine Austin Fitts, Victor Marx, James O’Keefe, Will Witt, Ron Desantis, Larry Elder, David Icke, The Bryce Eddy Show, Mike Lindell, Leigh Dundas, Sean Feucht, David E. Martin, Rooted Wings, Owen Shroyer, Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, JP Sears, etc…you fill in the blank, you spread the word, you contact anyone you have contact with that has a reach.


We need all hands on deck! Spread the word!!

And I can already hear people say, “But if we do that, it will send the economy into a tail spin!” To which I say, “Exactly, that’s why we’re doing it.” If we don’t, they will and they are…that’s what the great reset is. We’ve got to turn it back on them, and then be ready to take our parallel economy and put it into practice as the primary economy.

And I can hear people say, “But if we do that, it’ll really stir the pot and they’ll come after us.” Well, I got news for you: They already are coming after us. It’s WWIII and whether we like it or not a new kind of war is upon us, so we must fight. And while we still have the opportunity to use every option at our disposal to prevent bloodshed, friends I think we ought to try.

There is a window of opportunity between this time right now when this evil system is vulnerable, and the time they plan to trap us in the CBDC system and the next bio attack, or engage America in a world war designed to crush us. We must make our voice be heard. More than that, we must take action and do all we can to topple these pyramids that have existed for far too long. And when our true good and perfect King comes to restore peace and shalom to His creation, may we be found fighting the good fight of faith, doing our part to build the Kingdom that is coming.

–Todd Proctor