Ventura County Elections 2022

You are invited to view the Ventura County Elections process for the June 7, 2022, Statewide Direct Primary Election. The camera schedule will be posted on our website page under ‘Anticipated Daily Schedule’ CLICK HERE. Please feel free to reach out at any time and someone will respond to your request during business hours. Any email requests for links after scheduled hours may not be answered until the next business day. The camera links are subject to change daily.
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Ventura County Elections Division
Adjudication Room
The Nest Camera System may experience lag due to the signal strength of the Wi-Fi in our office. This could result in seeing delays when viewing multiple Cameras at once. At no point will the Cameras move from their current position or play sound due to the confidentiality of our employees, conversations, and passwords that may be used for our Election Systems. If an area is not in operation the Camera will not be available which will result in a “This camera is missing in action.” message.

Even the smallest leadership position can help keep Ventura County free.

We have a massive amount of seats in Ventura County up for Election in 2022 in across the strata from School Boards to City Council, Board of Supervisors and much more.

Find a positions that suits your interests and skill set and run for office!
Let’s Turn the Tide!

This November, there are over 50 Board of Trustee seats open in Ventura County. If we are to save our schools from the dirge of racist social indoctrination and superfluous curriculum that teaches victimhood and anti-American doctrine, we must wage our power at the voting booth.

Find your district, study your current representation and get involved to keep Ventura County free from hateful, divisive, family destroying curricula in our schools.

A directory of all Public Official, County Administration, Judges, US Representatives, State Representatives + for Ventura County open for Election in 2022

Where do you stand on health freedom issues, let your constituents know?

All cities and counties have various committees, councils, and boards. These are unelected positions and are an excellent way to make an impact in your local government. A short application is all it takes to get started and time commitments can vary from two evenings a month to as little as one meeting per quarter. Even the smallest leadership position can help keep Ventura County free.

Excellent Resource for In-Person and/or Online Leadership & Candidate Training, Activism, Fundraising

Questions? Contact

Dennis Mattock, Executive Vice President, VCRA
Ph: (805) 217-3437

  • VOTE in the Primaries
  • Do NOT Vote by Mail if you can avoid it
  • Do NOT use a Voting Machine
  • Fill out a paper ballot & watch them put it into the box or drop into a secure Ballot Box

How Google Brainwashes Kids, Controls Public Policy and Swings Elections

Google uses ephemeral methods that leave no paper trail, making it difficult to prove the tech giant is manipulating us in ways that we can’t counteract, said Robert Epstein, Ph.D., senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.