Ventura County School Board 2022 Offices Up for Election

The “gatekeepers” of our schools are the School Board Trustees. The Trustees determine what is put in front of your child. It is imperative for the citizens of Ventura County to be fully engaged with the leadership on their local school boards, supporting Trustees that support the parent/child relationship, transparency in the classroom, and an academic focused education. .

School boards and schools exist for “the education of children.” Unfortunately, our school boards throughout Ventura County are paying too much attention to the dictates of teachers’ unions, politicians, and administrators who have little or no impact on the education of our children. Indoctrination infrastructure through critical theories and psychological conditioning programs are rapidly replacing intellectual foundations that our children deserve.

This November, there are over 50 Board of Trustee seats open in Ventura County. If we are to save our schools from the dirge of racist social indoctrination and superfluous curriculum that teaches victimhood and anti-American doctrine, we must wage our power at the voting booth.

Find your district, study your current representation and get involved to keep Ventura County free from hateful, divisive, family destroying curricula in our schools.

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